Vegan Sidekick

30th June 2015
Hey everyone! I continue to have people asking for a second volume of comics in book form, so here it is. I don't want anybody to feel obliged to buy the book however, it's just here if you want it, or if you think it'd make a funny gift. The page exists as a form of outreach, so please remember that my images are online for free! But some people will want to know that this book is out, so I'm letting you know :)

Click here to visit the books page!

30th November 2014
I have made an album with a selection of profile pictures and avatars that you can use for social media, forum, or anything else you like :)

click here!

3rd November 2014
Finally, I have categorized the images so that you can more easily find a suitable image for any given conversation you might be having. Check out the images section.

21st October 2014
Hello, and thank you for visiting my new website. Right now I am in the process of putting together my second book which will hopefully be available soon if nothing goes wrong. I will also be completing my fourth "Ask Me Anything" video and uploading that, and deciding the winner of the last book competition which I've been meaning to do but keep not getting round to it because I'm a bit rubbish essentially. Hope you are all well!

x x x Rich